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Various Wingnuts/Game of Clouds/The Dubliner 10ml liquids

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Highgarden – Deep, dark and uncompromising. Highgarden boldly blends bourbon vanilla with roasted  almonds and caramel with a hint of coconut.

The Mountain – A beautiful soft liquid with tastes of pomegranate, peach and blueberry mixed with       vanilla swirls.

Clash of Kings – Creamy Pear on the inhale followed by a delightful taste of coconut at the exhale

The Green – Cinnamon Danish with a twist!

Docklands – Cereal with a bit of cold milk.

The Spire – A cold fizzy watermelon and strawberry drink.

Cheeky Cherry – Wingnuts Cherry flavour.

Banana Dreamboat – Vanilla Ice Cream with banana and strawberry.

Ubhal – Gold Virginia leaf  tobacco balanced with red and green apple.

Kamikazee – Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana, and Cream.

Fizzy Lemonade – A perfect mix of lemon and lime with a bit of fizz.

Cola – Wingnuts Cola flavour.

Swedish Fish – Little fizzy jellies in a refreshing vape.



Anto Mix 12MG, Anto Mix 18MG, Anto Mix 6MG, Banana Dreamboat 12MG, Banana Dreamboat 3MG, Banana Dreamboat 6MG, Cheeky Cheery 3MG, Clash of Kings 12MG, Cola 18MG, Cola 3MG, Docklands 12MG, Docklands 18MG, Fizzy Lemonade 12MG, Fizzy Lemonade 18MG, Fizzy Lemonade 6MG, Highgarden 12MG, Highgarden 18MG, Kamikazee 18MG, Kamikazee 3MG, Kamikazee 6mg, Swedish Fish 18MG, The Green 12MG, The Green 18MG, The Green 3MG, The Green 6MG, The Mountain 12MG, The Mountain 18MG, The Spire 12MG, The Spire 18MG, Ubhal 12MG, Ubhal 18MG, Ubhal 3MG, Ubhal 6MG


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